Mimicking animals reconnects humans to their carnal instincts. Replicating the appearance and behaviour of animals enhances sexual expression. Fondling the texture of a fluffy friend soothes stress while stimulating affectionate feelings. Just as in human nature: a competitive response can also exist in the role of an alpha in the animal kingdom. Transformed suitors display dominance and submission in the mating ritual. It is an arousing, fun outlet for couples and individuals.
Sometimes animal play becomes an absolute fetish with elaborate costumes and intricate social echelons. Even when Domina Equinox converts a slave for the purpose of humiliation, whether the mind-set is of a tamed barnyard pet or a wild hunted prey trophy, foraging for acceptance is a primitive urge. Furry fantasies are exclusively intended for human stimulus.Imitating beasts is not related to, nor does it promote bestiality or the abuse of actual animals.  Warning! Perverts requesting criminal fantasies with animals shall be reported to the relevant authorities by Domina Equinox, as she does not condone illegal transgressions.

The Human Canine
An uncastrated stray hound is mounting all the pedigreed bitches in the neighbourhood. Domina Equinox takes pity and rescues him from euthanasia when inspectors from the pound capture the wild creature. However she soon discovers this mutt is a butt sniffing scoundrel predisposed to humping her leg. The scornful scavenger leaves his signature on her personal possessions, slobbering his drool on her designer shoes with those sloppy ball licking jowls and snatching her lingerie from the wash line. It is obvious he needs to be collared and chained to his dog box. Domina allocates comforts, but he wolfs his cubes and shreds the plush blanket. The newspaper where he should have relieved himself is soaked with cum of a stud. The stinky animal was sniffing and circling it. This deviant dog shall never be domesticated!
But the tail wagging, dribbling dog is always so happy to see Domina Equinox. How could she abandon him? Perhaps she could tolerate him while she trains him? She ties up his dog balls, inserts a plug in his smelly arse and adorns him with a billowing plastic cone around his neck so he can’t lick himself. She even grooms his clumpy coat, but the petting gets him panting and he humps the brush, so she gives him a good kick before he makes her leg sticky again! Perhaps a walk will work out his ferocious appetite for fucking? Domina Equinox harnesses him and sets out down the street, but he sniffs the spoor of a bitch on heat and drags his Domina in pursuit of the incessant scent! A specialized compound is where this bad dog belongs. 

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