frequently asked questions

Is the Citadel discreet?                                                                                                         
Domina Equinox considers discretion as paramount. Individual sessions are scheduled at least an hour apart. Social events are arranged by select invitation to Domina Equinox’s regular devotees. Guests may arrive masked or disguised if preferred. The use of recording devices and photographic equipment within the Citadel is prohibited without permission from Domina Equinox once a non-disclosure agreement has been signed by consenting parties

Does Domina Equinox operate a legal enterprise?
All content on this website is the Trademark and Copyright of Alternative Lifestyle Promotions (Pty) Ltd with all rights strictly reserved. Any altered adaption of original images, writing, published works or graphics will result in criminal prosecution and civil legal action. All models, actors and participants in productions are of legal age.

Is the Citadel sterile?
Domina Equinox is pedantic about the risks of pathogens: she insists on utilizing hospital grade solutions to nuke furniture, equipment and accoutrements. Tiled floors are steam cleaned. Domina Equinox supervises sterilization of her Citadel.

What is Domina Equinox’s role as a Lifestyle Dominatrix?
To guide in the function of psychologist / sexologist / confidante / fantasy goddess who facilitates a professional environment while practicing the concepts of Safe, Sane and Consensual and risk assessment.

Why does Domina Equinox insist to be addressed as a Domina versus Mistress?
Domina Equinox’s personal viewpoint is: the term Mistress commonly refers to a kept woman / lover / concubine / courtesan / a bit on the side. Domina Equinox is a self-made single woman providing a specialized role in the BDSM lifestyle. She is no one’s mistress!

Why does Domina Equinox not provide body to body massages, nudity, oral sex, pussy worship, or nude face sitting?
Patrons should enjoy intimate sexual encounters with their own partners. Domina Equinox is a mentor / professional dominatrix: not a prostitute. Domina Equinox is a blood and ultimately an organ donor. She shall not risk contracting STDs Hepatitis, Herpes, and HPV or any other “coodies”. Her golden showers are pure and she’d like to keep them safe! She respects her health and shall not compromise yours. Her spiritual beliefs regard a soul tie as sacred reserved for lovers. Hence wives are confident to send their husbands to her for discipline, behavioural training and correction. Domina Equinox promotes a healthy external relationship and private life to intimate partners. Domina Equinox is not impressed by advances from Casanovas or suitors seeking a cheap thrill. Domina Equinox shall not compromise her self-respect, health or reputation. Burlesque erotica versus common prostitution is worlds apart!

Is Domina Equinox a feminist? What motivated her to become a dominatrix?
Domina Equinox does not agree with feminist views and has a rational view of masculine function in society. She embarked upon her path as a dominatrix in the year 2000 after careful consideration as a lifestyle choice, having experimented as a dominant to a personal acquaintance who introduced her to the lifestyle. He was a veteran BDSM player from Germany. Domina Equinox’s motivations are not inherent of sadistic tendencies: She derives psychological healing and development from being a dominant. She has a devout interest in psychology and sexology as an intricate science.  

Does Domina Equinox cater to gay / lesbian individuals?
Domina Equinox welcomes the gay community. BDSM is intended for any adult wishing to express their sexual freedom.

Does Domina Equinox accommodate African individuals?
Due to the complex history of the world regarding the capture, torture, slavery, discrimination and especially apartheid atrocities committed: Domina Equinox therefore, feels it is inappropriate for a white woman to torture, control and punish African men or woman in a BDSM setting in South Africa. Although, she does invite African / mixed race couples to engage in their own kink practices at the Citadel.

Does Domina Equinox employ sex workers?
Domina Equinox owns a Citadel: she does not operate a brothel. If a dominant / submissive is required in session: BDSM enthusiasts are outsourced to enhance a particular session.

Is it an acceptable BDSM tradition that gifts / financial tributes are offered or requested for professional play?
Tokens of respect and admiration for a Dominatrix’s authority are expected. Contributions are a gesture of affinity for the BDSM lifestyle and is an accepted custom amongst the world’s best Domina’s. These may include BDSM gear, toys, garments or an item on Domina Equinox’s wish list to improve her domain. Financial tributes are for the use of the Citadel and expertise shared by Domina Equinox as she has sacrificed to create South Africa’s Original Citadel of BDSM and Fetish.

Does Domina Equinox offer financial Domination / Humiliation?
Domina Equinox exercises this practice with caution, as there are ethics involved. Domina Equinox does not resort to opportunistic intentions such as blackmail / extortion / intimidation constituting illegal approaches. Financial domination is conducted with confidentiality and absolute consent. Domina Equinox shall not permit any person to harm themselves financially. Every “cash piggy” is evaluated. Only real fetishist’s with a clear understanding of how to worship a Domme in this context are permitted to contribute to Domina Equinox.

Why submit to control and submission?
Stressful demands and responsibilities are emotionally tasking. Submission reboots the psyche. Compulsion toward unusual erotic practices cannot be displayed in a relationship where both partners do not embrace BDSM. By exploring emotions and fixations: confidence, rather than concealment is gained. Experienced players participate for appreciation of the BDSM lifestyle.

Is BDSM only about pain and kinky sex?
BDSM and fetish is a vast and comprehensive practice involving many facets. Clemency also enhances levels of intimacy when exploring kink. Whether erotic, sensual or intense / severe: individual situations set the tone. The psychological value of regression / role – play evaluation is unique to each session. A combination of pain and pleasure surge levels of erotic fulfilment: a psychophysical orgasm. The accomplishment of achieving tolerance to pain coupled with endorphins: releases a natural chemical within the body. The intensity creates euphoria when in an erotic environment.

Is BDSM considered a cult or a sect? Does it have links to Satanism or Witchcraft?
The BDSM lifestyle has nothing to do with religion whatsoever. Persons from all religious beliefs and walks of life have an interest in BDSM as an alternative form of sexual and erotic expression. Some practices and devices used in BDSM as a lifestyle are derived from medieval historical methods of torture used by authorities to persuade societies from freethinking to impose orthodox beliefs on them. BDSM has no pious relics, but applies principles in acts of erotic Sadism and discipline. BDSM groups introduced an emblem and flag as a symbol of the lifestyle, intended to reflect an open society with rights and freedoms. BDSM was considered an underground society branded by many dissociated comparisons. A code of conduct, the concepts of Safe, Sane and Consensual and Risk Awareness Consensual Kink have been created. BDSM community members share knowledge and experiences for the advancement of a more accepted lifestyle choice.

Safe: A principle which avoids the potential death or serious injury of a submissive. An extensive risk assessment is vital before partaking in BDSM activities. An unconscious or semi-conscious person cannot respond. A safe word / signal between players must be agreed upon before any activity commences. Even if consent was given for an irresponsible and dangerous act without considering safety, it will not exclude criminal liability! Be responsible. Do research and know the dangers of the BDSM activity you wish to experience. Do not be ignorant by trusting someone merely because they have appointed themselves the title of Dominant. BDSM should be practiced by experienced persons who have done essential research or at least consulted experienced mentors. Watching a movie, reading a book or frequenting porn websites does not reflect experience. Not all BDSM related activities are safe, so examine the territory before you tread into it.
Sane:  Scrutinize the mental stability and experience of either dominant or submissive. Psychology and human motive is complex. Self-destructive / severely depressed / suicidal slaves and arrogant self-proclaimed dominants are an accident waiting to happen. An intoxicated incoherent slave or dominant sets the stage for disaster. Consider the safety of your submissive a cardinal rule. A submissive should never exclude information about themselves from their dominants which could lead to an emergency situation during play.
Consensual: It is criminal for anyone to disregard a safe word when it is used. Abusing the lifestyle to exploit an uninformed submissive constitutes rape or assault! Hard limits indicate no go areas and soft limits are areas open to exploration.  A clear and concise understanding between players will ensure a successful encounter. It is advisable to sign an indemnity form or contract.

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