Male Genital Torture
The penis is elevated to the symbol of measurement for masculinity. The wider its circumference and the more impressive its length… determines the man’s self-image. If it measures up, he will bask in vanity. A man has a special relationship with his penis. He personifies it and gives it names. It wakes him up to the glorious morning, throbs when it needs attention, shrinks when it is cold and alerts him to whom he should penetrate. Perhaps its influence is so lewd because it protrudes as an exterior organ and it gets the man into controversial situations, it is only fair that the incorrigible appendage must be punished.

Castration Fantasy
Conjure up an image of castration. A male will involuntary place his hand on his family jewels to protect them. Males retain a phobia towards the possibility of their cock and balls being removed. It is regarded as a gruesome infliction to be avoided.
Yet, for some this exists. The feasibility is very real and feeds off the masochists’ mental torment.

Why Castration Fantasy?
The guilt of infidelity deems it necessary A frustrated woman trapped in a man’s body wishes to be rid of the male sexual appendage The fixation originates from the conditioning of the females who parented the boy. A feminine figure such as a mother / stepmother / grandmother / nanny or au-pair reacted intolerably towards bed wetting, pissing in pants or splattering urine on toilet seats, thus threatened to cut off the penis. As sexual stimulation urged the boy to touch himself: he was warned his genitals would be cut off if he were to be caught masturbating. Thus he associated sexual performance and arousal with castration. These female figures generated a fear based association to urination and sexual arousal through the exaggerated depiction of castration, triggered the role-play of castration fantasy. It is not as cut and dried as anyone would assume nor is it a brisk swipe to assimilate the making of a eunuch. An influx of adrenalin is provoked during preparation for removal. Impending fear permeates the victim as arms and legs are stretched, rendering his genitals vulnerable. Testicles are first to receive a cutting off of circulation. Whisked up in front of him is a malicious marinade containing ginger, chili, cayenne pepper, and eucalyptus with Tabasco sauce. This is basted onto the penis as though it is a piece of meat being marinated. Then the appendage is tenderized, peeled, beaten, skewered, carved and flame roasted to perfection.

The victim is blindfolded and told that his genitals are going to be sliced off and presented on a platter. The carving knife hisses to the sound of metal against metal being sharpened. The knife slides closely against the appendage between sharpening intervals to terrify the victim of the fate of his penis. Domina Equinox cannot literally transform a transvestite into a woman; she cannot actually castrate as it is merely an effective role-play of interrogation pertaining to fantasy either as arousal or the facing of one’s fear. Dangers of Cutting / Abrasion and knife Play Cutting or actual abrasion of skin poses risks ranging from serious bacterial infections to venous and arterial bleeds and permanent nerve damage. Using blades and knives are extremely dangerous, thus edges should be blunt. Never play with sharp objects, especially surgical blades as a slave may accidentally move and can turn fantasy into a medical emergency. If you must push limits, it is advisable to have a clear understanding of human anatomy, avoid areas where major nerve and blood vessels are located. Never cut deeper than the first layer of skin. Ensure proper infection control measures and make sure there is a clear understanding of consent and an awareness of the risks undertaken. Domina Equinox assesses an individual’s fascination / obsession or unnatural fixation with cutting, abrasion and castration. She shall never promote a person’s need for actual harm and morbidity.

Female Genital Torture
Whenever analysing the motive of the woman who is requesting genital torture, the foremost question is: What is her incentive? We already have awareness that females possess a resilience to pain higher than the tolerance levels of a male, but that does not clarify the psychological impact. The desire for and endurance of pain is as much a matter of the mind as it is the body. To decipher a woman’s need to submit to suffering, we must empathize with her indelible self-control plus her courage to withstand such agony as a natural essence. Considering the eccentricity of her personality, we ask: is the impulse originating from a predatory or victimized state of mind? Is it the adrenalin rush of erotic thoughts stimulating fantasies or is it the accomplishment achieved after conquering the boundaries of fear and panic? It is crucial that the practitioner is competent, not only in fluency of skill, but also in instinctive acumen in order to meet with the expectations of the participant. Genital torture is neither violent nor exploitive. An aura of eroticism must be present from beginning to end. The affliction commences with genteel tenderness and ascends to where the oscillation between pain and pleasure becomes balanced and extends to serene ecstasy.

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