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afda film school short film "mudfish" shot on location

Short film was shot at location Citadel of BDSM & Fetish.

Pete is a nerdy 25-year old who thinks he has the perfect girlfriend until he discovers her secret desire for kinky sex. Unable to satisfy her, they both enlist the services of Lucius, a young experimental therapist whose therapy session gets terribly out of hand. Pete is confronted with violence and his idea of love is radically altered when he is forced to save Maya.

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Director Daniel Effiong Statement about Mudfish

" Through the annals of time, change remains th only constant, the inability of any life form to adapt to changing circumstance often spells extinction. Whether it is the untamed forces of nature, famine,war or the tragedy of heartbreak. Our ability to adapt to change holds the key to our evolution as a species. Love is often associated with pleasurable moments, however some of the most painfull moments I have experienced in my life have been because of love and I beleive these events have changed my life for good, which epitomises the saying that "pain is gain". And if we chose to adapt rather than roll over and die, we can evolve into stronger versions of our selves" Copyright to Author Director Daniel Effiong.

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