contact protocol

Prior to phoning Domina Equinox read this contact page. Send an email answering the questionnaire below. At all times address her as Domina Equinox. Common courtesy and social graces are a foundation of mutual respect in the presence of a Domina of her calibre!

Pre-Session Assessment Questionnaire
It is imperative that you spend enough time exploring your interests by perusing Domina Equinox’s website thoroughly. This will ensure that time is not squandered on tedious emails asking irrelevant questions.
Have you clearly read and understood the Right of Admission Policy and Indemnity Policy?

  1. Have you practiced any form of BDSM privately or professionally? Give a description of what you experienced?

  2. Specifically indicate what appeals to you or what should not be included in session.

  3. Describe what interests you and indicate your expectations, keeping in mind what Domina Equinox’s right of admission policy entails.

  4. Once you have submitted the pre-session questionnaire, send a text to announce your email and Domina Equinox shall attend to your request.

Contact Number:  
Being a lifestyle Dominatrix without encumbrances, Domina Equinox has the flexibility to conduct extended sessions at any time or for unrestricted duration. . If Domina Equinox does not answer her mobile phone it indicates that she is enraptured in session or otherwise entertained. Her phone is off when she is schooling / jumping / outriding / healing horses / she may be walking her 4 beloved dogs or tending to her treasured bunny rabbits which are her 1st priority and life source. She is not a conventional dominatrix and therefore takes time out between intensive encounters to guarantee quality attention to individuals so kindly leave a voicemail and she shall inform you when she is available to speak you. When leaving a voicemail or sending a text indicate the email from which your questionnaire was submitted.

071 199 3788 /
+27) 0711993788 (International)

Important Notice
If you expect the full duration of your session, you should have the courtesy to be punctual. Domina Equinox expects a call that you are delayed or would arrive earlier. Domina Equinox must consider unbiased preference to her next appointment and cannot have her schedule interrupted.  Hooting and loitering outside her gate is forbidden. Kindly phone Domina Equinox on arrival. When entering her Citadel, place your tribute on the silver leaf upon her entrance table and await her in the consultation room. Do not dare sit on her throne!

Contact form

Please get in touch using the form below.


Location and directions
The Citadel of BDSM and Fetish is conveniently located in the suburb of Rooihuiskraal, Centurion Gauteng. Centurion hosts a Gautrain Station merely 5, 5 km or about 10 minutes away. Protection Status  
Positions available

Caucasion only (position specified by Producer)

Non AA positions available. Request further information and an application form.

Attractive Female submissive / protege

Costume Designer / Seamstress / Leather Worker

Address: Alternative Expressions Store at Citadel of BDSM & Fetish Centurion Gauteng

Phone: 0711993788