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All content herein including written articles, video productions and photographs are registered copyright and trademark to Alternative Lifestyle Promotions (Pty) Ltd with all rights strictly reserved.
Photocopies for private use is not permissible or allowed. Under no circumstances may any works or intellectual data of Alternative Lifestyle Promotions (Pty) Ltd be used without prior consent or knowledge of the company for any reasons whatsoever. This includes all terms of common law practice in the use of copyright material.

No unique product may be copied in its distinctive or innovate design. No unique piece of equipment may be reproduced or reverse engineered under any circumstances.

The use of digital cameras or the capturing of film footage is forbidden. The signing of a non-disclosure agreement is a mandatory condition prior to filming or photography at the Citadel.

This notice includes but is not limited to slogans, logos and specific shapes, brand name as a word or combination of words. Any short phrase or a sentence, distinctive pictures or symbols.

Anything that may be a distinctive identity in the marketplace. This applies to products and services. Contravention of this notice will result in legal action. 

Brand Names: South Africa’s Original Citadel of BDSM & Fetish™ – Fetishgarden™ - Alternative Expressions Store™
By order Domina Equinox - Director of Alternative Lifestyle Promotions (Pty) Ltd

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