Visiting the Citadel assists partners deepen their connection.
Perchance your soul mate has inconsiderately neglected your expectations? Your grievance is met with patronization adding insult to injury. Subsequently, goading awaits response.  If one unleashes temper: dignity is compromised. The fantasy of consequence exists, but initiation requires the integration of expertise to instil the confidence of a clandestine approach. Imagine provocatively correcting the inextricable behaviour! Time for retail therapy … a scarlet booklet to record the evidence of transgressions, accessible to amplify reprisal.    
Yet, power dynamics are daunting for absolute beginners, especially individuals influenced by a conservative back ground. Society’s stifling taboos generate frigidity and flawed perception. So how does one commence?
Domina Equinox introduces alternative sexuality to heterosexual, homo-sexual and bi-sexual couples respectively. She inspires sane, safe and consensual resolutions to inaugurate connections which support role play instigation.
Distinctive power play is pivotal in most relationships. Fetish and BDSM distracts partners from the mundane cycle of co-existence and familiarization. The Citadel’s chambers provide the perfect platform to explore BDSM where discretion and privacy is ensured. Domina Equinox invites you and your playmate to unite where sensuality and kink tie the knot.  Domina Equinox facilitates training and counselling to lovers yearning to explore the basics of BDSM from an informative approach for novice couples: coaching connection through experimentation. With Domina Equinox as mentor both partners find new ways to include fetishes while learning to trust enough to relinquish control and enhance intimacy. Introducing a blindfold escalates erogenous zones, sensory stimulation / deprivation elevates excitement. Orgasm denial and ejaculation control alleviates the tedium during vanilla sex. Sexual performance becomes diversified, thus renewed respect and appreciation is revealed.
Alternative gratification is encompassed in the elaborate chambers of South Africa’s Original Citadel of BDSM and Fetish.                       

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