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Alternative Lifestyle Promotions (Pty) Ltd
Right of Admission Policy

Disclaimer: The directors, management, participants, agents, actors and models of Alternative Lifestyle Promotions (Pty) Ltd trading as South Africa’s Original Citadel of BDSM & Fetish™ / Fetishgarden™ Alternative Expressions™ Store disclaim all liability for loss, accident, death or injury, directly or indirectly through any act or omission on the part of such persons and/or management or their agents resulting from tours, functions, the rental of facilities or the interpretation of articles or services for your own activities. It the responsibility of patrons to properly research BDSM activities and to disclose any chronic medical conditions that may impair their ability or put them at risk during BDSM related activities.
Medical conditions – Epilepsy, Asthma, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Allergies etc.
Medical history – Past surgeries which may impair range of movement of limbs. Are you fitted with any medical devices like pacemakers or prosthetic implants?
Medications – Warfarin or blood thinning medications. Prescribed medications required during sessions as emergency intervention. Medications that may impair ability to partake in BDSM sessions.
Communicable Diseases - Have you recently been diagnosed with / or are you receiving treatment for / or have you travelled from any country that has had a current or recent outbreak of life threatening communicable diseases such Cholera , Tuberculosis , Haemorrhagic fevers, Bird flu ,  Influenza or Meningitis etc. that may put Domina Equinox or her patrons at risk?
Risk Assessment – Ensure a clear understanding of safe words / signals during BDSM activities for your own safety. At all times adhere to Safe, Sane Consensual BDSM and Risk Awareness Kink.

By order of Domina Equinox - Director

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