Prison cell

Secular seclusion slams shut! A sinister sentence to the maximum condemns you behind bars. Too late to brood chastely in your innocence. Reality dawns as the walls enclose you. A hard bed and a small blanket is all you have to keep you company. Repetitive drops of water torture ensure sleep deprivation, compliments of your host Domina Equinox to remind you of your next array of merciless punishment. Relativism between the need for release, even just some food and sleep compels you to scream a rebellious protest. Domina Equinox struts towards your cell ready to commence another interrogation. You break and plead that you were wrongfully implicated. The anticipation of freedom gives you false hope. To your surprise, she returns with a tray of oysters and champagne. Your stomach retaliates with a loud rumble. “Famished?” She retorts then seductively slurps an oyster in front of you, chasing it down with champagne. Hours pass before you receive a metal bowl of prison slop with black bitter tea. Domina Equinox commands: “Scoff it all up convict, you’ll need your strength. Your exercise regime precedes the discipline I have planned. You appear far too comfortable!” But the restrictive shackles prevent you from consuming this meagre sustenance. You must implore to be fed. Domina Equinox ridicules you: “What a debilitated captive! Too pathetic to feed itself! Let me fetch the funnel.” Breathless and in agony you are reconvened to your new abode: a cold cell. Your sense of humanity deteriorates with each rude awakening. You yearn for the respite of solitary confinement. But your torment continues: Domina Equinox guides a whopping strap on cock into your mouth as she taunts: “Get it wet, I intend to fill all your holes!” Just when you thought you’d overcome the worst: She informs you: “That was just a loosening up, bitch. There are 14 more phalluses in the cabinet and I missed my out ride on horseback because of you, so I need a strenuous workout!” Your arse strains as she hisses: “Tallyho! Steady on my dirty cum bucket!” Who would have thought anyone could wish for the comfort of her sodomy saddle as the bars push through a prison matress?


The Delinquent

A perpetrator has evaded arrest until the day he encounters his fate in the precinct of Detective Equinox. She has hunted him like a predator, now her proximity has him cornered, which concludes the pursuit. As she formidably forces him to the floor, he cringes beneath her when the cold metal handcuffs clamp his wrists, knowing he has been caught in contravention of the law. His cache of contra banned narcotics is confiscated as evidence against him. Suspended in the interrogation cell the suspect is worn down with continuous brusque treatment for the whereabouts of his suppliers, but he won’t squeal. Perusing the dossier from a prejudiced perspective, Wardress Equinox decides to delve deeper. A comprehensive cavity search corroborates her suspicions of concealment when an incriminating compression is excavated from his rectum. A meticulous delousing is customary during decontamination before indoctrination into prison. To her delight, the provocative persecutor is declared custodian of this criminal over the Easter weekend. She uses him to satisfy her salacious appetite for authority, tormenting him every hour ...on the hour. The culprit confesses that he lusts for the powerful woman who holds him captive, admitting that he prefers to remain un-rehabilitated. The intriguing woman in official uniform represents an aura of invincible eminence € a challenge for the average male.

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