entertainment area

The Citadel and entertainment area is available: subject to pre-arrangement for the hosting of moots and events. On occasion Domina Equinox will invite devotees and interested parties to training and demonstration gatherings. As opposed to open moots, Domina Equinox prefers to arrange exclusive events by select invitation incorporating specific groups with specific interests. The entertainment area encompasses the kitchen, dining room, lounge and entertainment patio with swimming pool and inter leading to the dungeon and additional fetish chambers.Guests who wish to stay over can be graciously accommodated. Individual couples who wish to enjoy this area for an intimate kinky lunch or dinner may also arrange such with Domina Equinox.
Discretion is paramount thus visitors may arrive masked with identity anonymous

Read and respect right of admission policy.

To be considered for these events kindly email Domina Equinox indicating your fetish and request to be invited.

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