Defining fetish is as obscure as interpreting the psyche. The complexity of the mind can derive pleasure from worshiping anything it fiddles with. It is the appreciation of erotic presentation which separates an aficionado from a fool. Domina Equinox specializes in awakening the essence of personal idiosyncrasies and tailoring preferences to the individual.

Familiar within society is:
Feet and shoes definitely possess a unique and erotic sex life, it is no wonder they are worshipped as a symbol of gratification. An aficionado recognizes pedicured feet adorned with radiant nail polish as irresistible. The silky texture of feet respond acutely to the pleasurable sensation of pampering. The effect of a tongue kissing and nuzzling as it traces contours arouses raw sensuality within many erogenous zones. Toes are alive with nerves, thus adequate teasing and sucking can propel an intense orgasm. When in high heels the feet come closer together resulting in a swinging of the hips, which spurs sex appeal. Strappy sandals also resemble a sexy fettering of the foot. Pretty pumps originate from graceful ballerinas. Classic court heels bridge the comfort zone while still being sensual. Boots in their various shapes and sizes are always uplifting. The moment a woman slips them on, she feels in control. Playful peep toed shoes give a tantalizing hint of sexiness. Whether carefree and comfortable or gorgeously glamorous: shoes make a personal statement. Heels have a specific allure, the arched shape of the foot alters posture causing the spine to arch, which protrudes the buttocks and pushes out the breasts to accommodate balance. Stiletto heels represent bondage as they force the female to take restricted steps. {Domina Equinox enjoys watching the effects of forced feminization!}
When tightly encased in leather or plastic the foot generates a scent in reaction to the sweat, this is stimulating to a niche selection of foot fetishists, who request to sniff the odour to satisfy arousal.

Stockings share the fragility and intimacy of an intricate spider’s web. It’s the respectful relation to the female who has woven the aphrodisiac you should be aware of! Silky sensations titillate lovers who are oblivious to the strength of a stocking cinching them to the bedpost of an insatiable femme fatale! Hosiery is an intoxicating lure: indulgently captivating; a symbol of feminine prowess.

A chemise is peeled off to reveal an irresistible neglice pushing up breasts begging a phallus to enter their creamy cleavage. Lingerie is an incorrigible heavenly temptation. Leather, lace, silk or Lycra: is the wrapping concealing paradise.

The sheer delicacy of a lady’s cigarette bares a statement of sensuality. The elegant manner in which she holds it, inhales and allows the smoke to exude from her lips as it wafts into the air is a ritualistic turn on. Domina Equinox expects a prompt and perfect light. A privileged slave appointed to the service of being her human ashtray displays an impressive awareness of dexterity, yet nervousness is visible in his trembling hands. A scorched or poorly lit cigarette gets placed upright into the special holder contained in her ashtray. Each rejected attempt is an indicator of impending punishment. Licking ash from the floor when he has not held out his tongue to accept the flicking of Domina’s ash should be an immediate reaction. Further punishment ensues as the rejected cigarettes are utilized to measure consequence. The quest to achieve immunity through the perfect light € is priceless to witness by Domina Equinox.

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