bondage dungeon

The most perennial control Domina Equinox reserves for a jittery attention slut until deprivation is tensile? Psychological bondage!
An inciting control captures Domina Equinox’s submissive like a puppet attached to the invisible strings of her indeterminate whims. What torturous crusade could she command next when you least expect? The element of surprise always instructed with the cruellest intent. Would you dare confess how much you fear her imagination?

Physical Bondage
Medieval genital devices designed to protect virginity, a slave bound to a tree for a whipping, a corseted Victorian girl awaiting a knight in shining armour. A nun wrapped in her habit. A geisha’s feet bound. A white collar worker choked by the tie of his suit. Bondage is part of our culture and history.

BDSM is the evolution merging the past into fetish, fettering negative into positive that we may nestle into the orbit of our maelstrom where society’s burdens dissolve. Yet, psychological bondage is imposed most profoundly by our acceptance of society’s restraints. Religion, government, marriage, parenthood, community, fashion, employment, addiction, sport and education all restrain us into a labelled box as humans. We are stifled and ostracised when we don’t qualify to the “norm” intrinsically inflicted to curtail our impulse nature. Social suicide affords no impunity from being morally wrong, categorized as a misfit. BDSM cocoons us in a place of safety where society cannot suffocate our instinct. We are free to play, bound to our own personal kink. 
Surrendering ultimate trust to a stranger depends on the ability to control ones reflexes. Even if a life partner has tied you up superficially, vulnerability still encapsulates your mind until it transitions into sensuality. Let’s face it €“ Can you ever truly know what someone is capable of when you are bound? Perhaps you have unintentionally / deliberately pissed them off? Once you are incapacitated €¦they have the power to transfix you to wherever they wish you to be and there is nothing you can do to remedy your situation. Literally you are completely available for the tyranny of their skull fuck. The beauty of BDSM is that it adheres to Safe, Sane and Consensual. , so finite relaxing into a protected place of self-awareness cloisters fear to the escape of a safe word. Thus release is imminent.
Yet goading governs us to go further within a gossamer until we react, bondage prevents our true nature from dissolving into its infinite self.

So then let’s list the variety of bondage options
Shibari – the art of creative Japanese bondage
Rope bondage €“ varied types of rope and textures
Fabric €“ sensual alternative to rope
Cable ties, duct tape, gaffer tape €“ for abduction and role plays
Chains, shackles, steel handcuffs €“ for prison incarceration
Solitary confinement chamber €“ for interrogation
Medieval stocks and interrogation chair – for inquisition and torment  
Steel cage to hold a slave captive
Confession cubicle€“ for divulging secrets, confinement and voyeurism
Straitjacket, body bag, cling wrap, bandages, plaster of Paris €“ for medical mummification
Gynaecology plinth €“ for medical examination and traction
Paramedic gurney €“ for restrained mobility from surgery to dungeon 
Leather restraints - for conventional bondage
Collars €“ symbolizing the ritual of ownership
Chastity devises €“ for orgasm denial
Coffin €“ for overcoming ultimate claustrophobia
Lace-up stretch-bed€“ for immobilization
Extender - multi positional bondage devise and for suspension.
Bondage cross €“ multi positional with detachable genital torture chair¢: designed and built by Domina Equinox and slave Jono
Rotating bondage wheel €“ freestanding: lockable into any position: designed and built in an engineering workshop to accommodate 1 ton!
Sodomy saddle €“ for caning and strap on copulation
Various corporal benches with eye bolts
Dog box and pony cart €“ for human animals locked into or harnessed to

The Citadel contains many bondage accoutrements and furniture too vast to mention here.

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