Feminization Parlour

This burlesque boudoir would impress even the most temperamental diva!
The dressing table hosts a selection of facial potions to prepare / pamper before the application of cosmetics, false nails and eye lashes.
A beautician’s mirror highlights the make – up artistry of Domina Equinox. The collection of over 27 designer wigs, all feature realistic latex scalps, wig caps and are adjustable for a secure comfortable fit. Styles and colours vary from trendy to sophisticated.

What is in the closet?
Vogue outfits, uniforms, elegant gloves, imported stilettos, Italian leather thigh high boots, strappy sandals, sensual hosiery and lingerie to cling to intimate contours. Boned corsetry to achieve the ultimate hourglass figure, neck / posture corset, Latex and synthetic breasts to accentuate a beautiful bosom.

Forced Feminization
Domina Equinox’s succulent little pet ... a chambermaid begging and twitching, the folly of chastity, so innocent. Just a pervious debutante’ soon to be taught the wantonness of her womanhood. Her peachy, fleshy mound.... is that velvet cavity Domina Equinox is sure to snatch! Taken, used as the insatiable plaything she is. Fit for Domina Equinox's Harem! Bathed, adorned, beautified and allotted. Waiting for her ravishing!

A few samples of Domina Equinox’s transformations
THE DOE-EYED DEBUTANTE - in white frilly knickers
THE FRENCH MAID - Utilized to her full potential, skilled in polishing “knobs”
THE CHAMBER MAID - Maid at play while Domina is away
THE PROM QUEEN -€“ Dressed to impress, ready to be seduced
SISSY SLUT €“- Aims to please and tease
THE SOAP OPERA QUEEN - Sassy, witty and manipulative to get what she wants
THE GOLDEN GIRL - Gold digger scouting to seduce her next victim.
SLUTCSHA THE STRIPPER- In seductive rhythm a lap dance!
SCARLOTT THE HARLOT - A courtesan with painted scarlet lips, freely available
THE VIXEN - with the deepest alluring eyes, out on the prowl, a tart at heart
TOY SLUT -€“ Cradling tools of her trade
SLAVE SLUT - Cock hungry and as busy as a train station
TEACHER'S PET - Sex education for sluts
THE PROSTITUTE - Loitering around to make a quick buck
THE BALLERINA - Perfect performance for Domina Equinox

The Ballerina
The ultimate test of the Ballerina‘s skill is enforced with either punishment or reward. A Ballerina has to perform with the precision and grace of a swan .With stoic discipline and sadistic torment Domina enforces the Ballerina to dance to music specifically produced for her company of Ballerina’s. Every tone is another excruciating pose for the new Ballerina. Balancing enpointe and keeping posture between each swift move until optimum performance. The Ballerina is expected to execute every move to perfection without default.
Finally the Ballerina is out of breath but she is fitted with a latex mask that restricts breathing to test endurance to its capacity. An arm corset puts her arms behind her back ensuring that balancing enpointe becomes most challenging.

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