Verbally and mentally diminishing high powered executives by subjecting them to humiliating and repulsive tasks aggravates feelings of inferiority provoking the balance of power. Belittlement focused on personal attributes is scrutinized by Domina Equinox when a narcissistic megalomaniac is stricken with performance anxiety. Domina Equinox derives immense gratification and amusement when she down sizes an arrogant prick for her entertainment. This is most rewarding when her female friends are visiting.
The human psyche is delicate therefore Domina Equinox assesses her candidates prior to chastening. She shall not introduce humiliation to a deeply depressed individual who may react with self-destructive response to rejection, as it could push them over the edge.
Above all, the satiric humour behind humiliation must be appreciated to acknowledge its purpose. It should never be judged too personally or seriously, as it is a consensual game. 

The Human Toilet
Statuesque Domina Equinox towers above a thirsty toilet slave quivering on the chilly tiles. Concealed between the crescents of her crotch is a desirable source with sweet secretions, and the promise of a sprinkling fountain. A trickle of warm golden nectar teases his loins. His cock responds so she controls the flow to savour the expression on her acquiescent slave’s face. This is as close he will get to her untouchable snatch. She anoints him with another dribble. She is empowered by the secret that she can ‘piss like a horse’. Yet she allows a third taste directly into his mouth and pauses to allow his pallet to relish her secretion. This delicacy is an acquired taste indeed! She positions her pussy over his stiff shaft and releases her floodgates, raining on his phallus for 36 seconds.
His next appointment shall be poignant. She shall prepare a chilled bottle of her personal bouquet for him to swirl and swallow while she sips her Sauvignon. There shall be no corking of leftovers. His enema shall be filled with the remaining precious liquid and a top up of warmth straight from the ‘horse’s fountainhead’.

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