Right of admission
  • Alternative Lifestyle Promotions (Pty) Ltd

    • Domina Equinox welcomes you into her domain as an honoured guest and invests her intellect, empathy, wisdom and expertise to make your encounter memorable. She commands that you conduct yourself with respect as you would in the presence of a Domina of her stature. Disrespect her and that welcome shall become redundant with immediate effect.

    The following is prohibited by Domina Equinox.

    • Domina Equinox does not provide the services of an escort or a prostitute nor does she date or chaperone patrons.
    • Never assume that you may request: felatio, nudity, cunninlingus, rimming, brown showers, sexual intercourse, body-to-body massages, nude face sitting or topless fantasies from her as she does not compromise her pristine reputation, risk her or patrons health.
    • Although Domina Equinox is provocative she does not permit patrons touching her inappropriately.
    • Domina Equinox does not entertain requests for bestiality, paedophilia, incest or any relation thereof.
    • The use of digital cameras or the capturing of film footage is forbidden. The signing of a non-disclosure agreement is a mandatory condition prior to filming or photography at the Citadel.
    • Safe, Sane and Consensual and Risk Awareness Kink is practiced at the Citadel. Any patron not adhering to this cardinal rule shall be expelled.
    • Domina Equinox is a vegetarian. The preparing or consuming of meat is not permitted at the Citadel.
    • Domina Equinox does not contract or outsource prostitutes for activities at her Citadel. Domina encourages patrons to invite their own play partners or spouse to enhance intimate sessions.


Anti-Drug Policy

Domina Equinox adheres to a strict anti-drug and illegal substance policy and shall not accept an appointment with any person who appears intoxicated or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Patrons must not assume that they may have drugs delivered anywhere near her Citadel or concealed on their person or in their vehicle. She will not hesitate to inform authorities of drugs in your possession. Visit her website www.drug-recovery.co.za

Firearms and weapons policy
Visitors to the Citadel may not carry firearms or any dangerous weapons on their person. It is imperative that patrons leave firearms in their vehicle or refrain from bringing it to Citadel.
By order of Domina Equinox - Director

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