Consultation Room

Domina Equinox’s consultation room is a safe haven where deepest intimate secrets are laid bare to her in the utmost confidence. A haven to speak freely without fear of prejudice in the sanctity of her understanding and expertise. Domina Equinox connects with an individual’s psyche and expectations prior to commencement of a session. Fantasy and reality’s symbiotic relationship is formed laying the foundation of the odyssey begins. Domina Equinox’s throne symbolizes her superiority above the submissive upon a minuscule slave bench below her. Once she is confident that her submissive is at ease having succumbed to her professional authority, the encounter then commences in the appropriate fetish chambers. In her medieval confession booth words are spoken behind the veil of hidden truths that warrant correction or acknowledgement. It is also beneficial in consensual voyeurism and confinement. The sentencing podium houses Domina Equinox’s judiciary journal from where she convicts deserving perpetrators.

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