Exhilarating to watch when unseen, isn’t it? Intrigue enthrals a voyeur witnessing an unsolicited BDSM performance. A part of your instinct wishes to announce your presence, just to participate in the proceedings. Yet the apex of anonymity is so much safer.

Peter secretively relished watching the correction of slave-girls. When Bonny was summonsed to Domina Equinox’s dungeon in 5 minutes his curiosity became instantly inexplicable ... what violation could warrant such urgency? Hoping to scavenge a glimpse of the preparations, he cautiously crept up the passage. The dungeon door stood ajar, vacant of Domina Equinox who had slipped out to select fresh birch rods … an opportunity for Peter to sneak inside.

His eyes met with the fresh ginger carved into a bulbous butt-plug. Envisaging Bonny’s most innocent orifice intensified his passion. Suddenly he was startled by Domina Equinox’s stalwart steps. His only exit was now besieged. Palpitating with anxiety, he surged towards the closet and clambered into it. Disconcerted about the abrupt interruption of his vivid imaginations, he was nonetheless relieved to be out of sight. Orientation to the darkness revealed a view through the shutters!

As Bonny entered Peter felt a gush of stimulation grapple his genitals. With a posture of apprehension, beloved Bonny propped herself into position over the sodomy saddle, near enough for Peter to peruse her virginal pubescence. Cradling his covert cock he mauled the shaft and almost yodelled when Domina Equinox bent over behind Bonny to insert the ginger. Bonny’s cheeks puckered with each slap from Domina Equinox’s hand. Brattish Bonny whinged when the birches began to whack her tenderized derriere. Her stinging bottom caused her to bellow: “It wasn’t me, I’m innocent!” Domina Equinox restrained Bonny’s kicking feet and retorted: “Be still insolent Missy! This is just the preamble to the hour of discipline you’ve earned!” Bonny tearfully besieged “But my bottom burns!” Domina Equinox retracted the ginger fig, and replaced it with a pulsating dual probe, filling her pussy and tight rosebud simultaneously before placing 12 precision welts with the junior cane top and tail. What a view!

Peter assumed the pornographic performance had reached its climax, but this was just an encore. While the delinquent was composing herself by rubbing her bottom Domina Equinox beckoned: “Is the instigator prepared?” Bonny’s ordeal had received precedence over Megan’s punishment session. Megan reported, escorted by Domina Equinox’s protégé: Lady Catherine. Peter couldn’t believe his luck! Viva! He was in a prime position.
Peeping Peter almost dismembered himself, draining his spunk like a distillery! This privileged voyeur’s venture was worthwhile.

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