Beyond the pretentious materialistic signature of wealth, lies a chauvinistic pig squealing for more. Bantering “piggy” grunts as his money fills his fat wallet. Gloating pigs have ravenous appetites, yet are never satisfied. Pigs have no consideration or respect and need to be reminded that a man’s worth is not measured by money. Spill your guts piggy. Share that wealth. The coffers of your conscience are hollow. Expose your guilt spoilt pig!

Financial domination emphasizes that being rich is empty when not merged with compassionate generosity. In a materialistic world cash pigs tend to forget certain aspects of themselves and need to reconnect with reality.
Domina Equinox entertains financial domination with caution, as there are ethics involved. Cash pigs may contribute confidentially and consensually without ruining themselves financially. Every cash piggy is evaluated. Domina Equinox permits real fetishist’s with a clear understanding of the context of worship. A chosen cash piggy benefits by the gratification that he is contributing to Domina Equinox’s lifestyle. Only Engage in this practice if you are confident that you can afford to do so out of appreciation for BDSM.  Safe, Sane and consensual applies!

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