Why is Domina Equinox’s dominion so unique?
Your search is complete! You have discovered South Africa’s premier dominatrix who signifies the benchmark stipulated by global criterions. Domina Equinox welcomes you to her exclusive domain where you shall experience the pinnacle of BDSM & Fetish. Her Citadel is the foremost establishment of its magnitude in South Africa. Her visionary passion to construct a location, which would give credence to each facet of fetish, initiated its existence.

What distinguishes Domina Equinox from conventional Mistresses?
The title of Domina demands more than merely applying torture .Although she utilizes several chambers during a session, she prefers to assimilate ambiance and embraces the ideology that specific surroundings are vital for the efficiency of a fetishist’s particular requisites. She is fervently dedicated to bone fide authenticity, competency and integrity. Her ethics are irrefutable. She is unpretentious, possessing a benevolent intuition merged with a precocious precision. Her approach is revolutionary and attuned to the individual. As an ambassador to the correction of the negative view of BDSM in society, she acknowledges her chosen path as a professional dominatrix.  Physically, intellectually and spiritually she is a Goddess personified. Worship the celebration of her femininity, respect her essence and heed her guidance for it is radical. Her temperament as an authentic dominatrix is a captivating embodiment of her provocative sensuality fused with a stern and poised deportment. She is your confidante with whom you are secure. You may divulge your most profound secrets to her and she shall vanquish your sense of isolation with empathy and invigorate your conscience with clarity. She is too candid, sincere and diligent to be labelled a prima donna performing solely for fiscal profit. Her aim and motive is to integrate intuition with forethought and competence to effectively engage the aspirations of your fantasies. Her commitment is your reassurance that she shall not skimp on the necessities imperative to invoke your exhilaration. She commands your respect and appreciation.

BDSM DOCUMENTARY shot on location

Short film was shot on location at the Citadel of BDSM & Fetish

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A word by the Webmaster
"Domina Equinox embraces her craft 24/7.She lives in her Citadel and governs with authority, yet she is not an arrogant, narcissistic megalomaniac. She is discerning. She has a presence of authority which humbles you; she is naturally dominant, regal and confident. She has beauty, humility, grace and is feminine all encapsulated by a sadistic, controlling and intimidating armour. Her presence provokes a feeling of endearment and wonder and yet there is a hint of fascination and suspicion. She is a real woman. She haunts you and your man hood’s every sense. She weakens your senses, controls and makes you whimper like a fool. As her slave, I am intoxicated with confusion and excitement, then a jolt of pain wakes me to the here and now …. Suddenly, I see her towering over me and it all starts again, like my mind, body and spirit on a rollercoaster and I cannot get off … I do not want the exhilaration of this fantasy to end"

It is hard to write about it but, it is a need I have to clear my head. I was a dedicated full time lifestyle slave to well-known Lifestyle Dominatrix Domina Equinox for 8 years. She took me under her wing at the worst and most vulnerable time in my life and I started on a journey with her out of choice, a choice I am glad I made. Our contract ended due to our dynamic changing as I am no longer the submissive I use to be. A need to learn to be self-sufficient. She has taught me everything I know and I have experienced the BDSM lifestyle more than most on every level. She has so much wisdom and guidance to give and it has benefited my life more than anything else. In every defiance of mine she gave much deserved correction and understanding of changes I went through on our journey. I have no regrets only to say it was the best time of life.

Our dynamic was unique and it is a very traumatic but, needed change. It feels like a part of me was ripped out and I cannot stop bleeding. She has helped me through the darkest nights of my soul, she has shown me true care and compassion when I needed after care and counsel. She is one of the most dynamic woman and Dominants I have ever known. Her passion and expertise as a Lifestyle Dominatrix goes far and beyond what I can explain or express in words. Her beauty and compassion, her power as a Dominatrix has had me crumble with respect and awe that I had the opportunity to have known such a wonderful woman. Although we are still friends, to me she will always be the only Dominant that I will ever submit to without question. I regret that I have changed, but if I could I would stand at her feet for the rest of my life ... I would in a second, but it is not realistic to be a slave for the rest of my life 365 and 24/7 in a true lifestyle sense. She is one of a kind, unmatched and I still go weak when I think of her. She is a Goddess of Sadism and Masochism, I am witness to a Dominatrix far too advanced and specialised for South Africa.

The positive impact she has had in my life, healing me from so many traumas and misconceptions about myself through her counsel and control has left me stronger than I have ever been before, yet I feel so broken that I cannot serve her as a submissive anymore. I will never forget what she has done, I will crave and miss to serve only her, but now I have to spread my wings. I will forever go back to the 8 years, it will haunt my thoughts and dreams forever. There is a place in my mind reserved for that so I can go back there when I feel lost.
Slave Jono a.k.a Master Griffin

Slave Jono a.k.a Master Griffin (Copyright)

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