Interrogation Room

Domina Equinox’s medieval interrogation chair is designed with sadistic forethought. A folder of evidence with familiar documents is lying on a small table almost in reach of me, but impossible to get to. It is right there! If I could only make it disappear before she returns. Could I negotiate?  Everyone has a price right? WRONG! Domina Equinox is renowned for her interrogation techniques on a conquest for the truth. How did I get here? She enters and a shiver runs down my spine as she looks at me with those cunning eyes, I almost have an instant infatuation with my beautiful captor. I squirm while she reviews the docket in a voice of authority. I cannot bribe my way out of this. All the money in the world won’t help me now.

Her questions accumulate while I contradict myself evading the truth with every tactic I can possibly think of. She is not amused. She shines a blinding light into my face and it unnerves me. I can no longer read her facial expressions or predict her next move. I am an elevated fixture transfixed to her torture chair. I am frozen with fear!  Self-doubt begins to invade my stronghold of information which she extracts like a syringe. Is she just toying with me? Does she know the truth? I cannot decipher which is more unbearable: the weight on my balls or the barrage of exhausting questions? The high voltage Taser nears them €¦? Her voice suddenly turns the interrogation room into an amphitheatre¦” I know your greatest fear!” A jolt of trepidation startles me. I begin to sweat when a hood is placed over my head. It’s dark and I am vulnerable. A hand slides over my penis and I enjoy it with scepticism.

Why would she do this? Is this just a sick little diversion? My conundrum spirals as Domina Equinox goads satirically: “Guess who has just joined us?” I whimper in futility. It’s quiet. They have left me alone and restrained. Time ticks, my mind has tricked me into reverie. Meanwhile, Domina Equinox has stalked right up to me. “Bitch, suck the truth out of him!” My cock reacts ravenously to the vacuum of warm lips. A tongue tickles and taunts. I can’t control it. I explode into her mouth as she murmurs like a hungry whore. Domina Equinox’s cruel sniggers burst into echoing laughter. “Bitch, pull that hood off!”  Shame and strange excitement mingle. Domina Equinox’s X-dressing slave slut Brittany had sublimely siphoned me to ecstasy. What sadistic sorcery is this? Domina Equinox instructs her Bitch: “Lock this fucker in the prison, it’s going to be a long afternoon!”

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