An audacious exhibitionist attains achievement through the reactions of a spellbound audience. Enviable displays of brazen exuberance magnifies exhilaration. Shocking impressions signify the daredevil’s modus operandi. To be admired and watched! To dispute judgemental eyes burning like lasers between distraught, embarrassed glances while bemused admirers applaud.
A genuine exhibitionist is unfazed by social etiquette, mocking the frigid and parading obscenities for all to see. Wooing onlookers wreathed around the attraction in a circle celebrating the perversion with a standing ovation is the ultimate high.
If you’ve got it: flaunt it with panache! Flashing is vintage: avant-garde it like an avalanche! Show us your supple moves and don’t be subtle. Infringe, influx, infuriate: release all inhibitions! Audition for your fans, astonish them until they masturbate as an accolade to your audaciousness.  

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