Traumatic medical conditions have a profound effect on how we view our mortality. Fetish sessions are not as invasive as real life medical intervention. The distinctive smell of hospital grade sterilant permeates through Domina Equinox’s state of the art medical fetish surgery. An emergency hydraulic stretcher compliments the specialized multi positional gynaecological examination plinth fitted with adjustable stirrups. Steel display trolleys support stainless steel instrument trays containing an extensive range of authentic surgical instruments, surgical probes, uterine and anal sounds, speculums, medical sharps, smear pallets, tongue depressors, specimen vials, measurement receptacles and a selection of enemas for colon irrigation. Additional essentials include a commode, x-ray light, examination light, electric impulse devices, diagnostic/classic stethoscopes, diagnostic neurological testing kit, digital/ manual blood pressure monitors and a traction unit. Other supplies in the cabinets include adult diapers, many categories of dressings, bandages and soluble preparations.

A straight jacket and medical leather restraints await patients in need of restriction during Domina Equinox’s interventions. A fixation or fetish related to medical environments and procedures is stimulating for some and serious soul searching for others. One can identify with nurses and medical professions in the sense that we have to overcome the embarrassment of having our most intimate object, the human body overlooked, touched, probed and invaded. It may have also ignited a silent feeling of arousal as our sexual thought processes are tingled by any physical interaction. For a masochist the discomfort of an enema and the sting of surgical spirits after a close shave of the genitals , nipples being clamped with arterial clamps , the use of surgical instruments to induce fear of pain and other sadistic forms of medical fetish play can send endorphins soaring achieving the gratification desired. Important Notice: No scheduled or dangerous medicine is used in fetish play. All fetish related practices are performed with risk conscious precision. In no way does this fetish surgery imply a real life medical facility or impose on situations associated with actual medical professions or procedures. It is intended for the creation of adult fantasy play.

Medical Fetish
Patient caught masturbating / Urethral Sounding
A patient susceptible to compulsive masturbation strokes his penis while awaiting an examination. Sultry nurse Equinox enters the medical room, intent on a satisfactory diagnosis. She must restrain him as his grip appears magnetized towards his love muscle. The proximity of her cleavage to his face aggravates his chronic condition, the circumference throbs during measurement of his erect organ. Obstructive pubic hair must be shaved clean before she can continue treatment. Foamy lather oozes down his shaft while the razor reveals smooth skin. The sting from the swab of surgical spirits used to sterilize the surface is eased by a squirt of cold lubricant. As the penis pump glides into position, it gives a pleasurable sensation, but the testicles contract when the traction cord is attached to the weights to restrict ejaculation. A circuit of electrical impulses surge down his urethra in response to the sounding rod, before subsiding into a tingle. Nurse Equinox requires a sperm sample for further analysis. She manipulates the prostate to trigger his spunk. Alleviation is immediate once his deposit is made into the specimen vile. Nurse Equinox’s evaluation suggests the patient will soon come again.

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