Alternative Lifestyle store within Domina Equinox’s Citadel.
Domina Equinox has invested in the establishment of a workshop where she and her leather jockey handcraft custom leather gear. She selects robust vegetable tanned leather hide sourced from South African tanneries. Exclusive authentic creations cater to Fetish, Biker, BDSM, Gay, Goth and Medieval Lifestyle Enthusiasts.   
* Extensive array of genuine leather outfits and BDSM accoutrements.  
* Alterations and repairs
* Malaysian Rattan Canes
Domina Equinox supplies a range of canes to corporal enthusiasts. She prepares individual instruments herself. Handles are designed for perfect grip. Each cane is quality tested for balance upon her leather jockey. Preservation in premium quality nourishing oil for at least 8 days ensures durability.                                                                                                                

4mm to 5 mm: Ultimate flexibility resulting in thin welts with an acute sting.
5mm to 6 mm: Administrates sharp and intense pain leaving precise welts.
6mm to 7 mm: Perfect for a penetrating throb once the sting subsides.
7mm to 9mm: Delivers a deep ache with bruising into the welt.                                                  

60cm for beginners to 130 cm for the advanced practitioner.

Traditional crooked handle canes complement the collection.

Additional handcrafted specialty impact instruments include:
Exquisite genuine leather bullwhips of traditional excellence.
Genuine leather taws and paddles.

Domina Equinox provides the option of sample inflictions upon the purchase of your corporal implements.
Make an appointment to view products at the Citadel for direct purchase.

Why has Domina Equinox originated Alternative Expressions ?
Domina Equinox’s search for authentic rattan cane and lifetime quality leather equipment has spanned years. Disparaged by substandard gear unravelling or tearing apart like cardboard after enduring the frustration of long waiting periods from resellers locally and internationally: Domina Equinox decided to create paraphernalia with a lifespan.

Benefits of supporting Alternative Expressions Store
Products are manufactured on site at the Citadel.
Outfits can be custom created or altered to measure individual body profiles and sizes.
An option of elaborate aesthetics to personalize exclusive preferences is catered for.
New products are added on demand to cater for specific requirements and styles.

What separates the Alternative Expressions from others?
Domina Equinox prohibits cheap, potentially toxic synthetic Chinese imports. She is allergic to the novelty of pink fluffy cuffs and floppy platted plastic whips. Domina Equinox does not compromise by stitching fake faux or upholstery leather together.  Domina Equinox does not sell imported goods at a mark-up while consumers wait for a product from overseas. Domina Equinox ensures all stock items are always available unless specific items are made to order.

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