School room

The school room is the vessel to regressive stimuli reconnecting every school boy / girl’s period of development pertaining to puberty and sexual awareness. Revisiting a classroom as an adult he / she identifies with mystery and innocence to rekindle arousal or to confront past humiliating circumstances which had an effect on sexual development. The mentorship of a teacher as an authority figure ignites a desire to be disciplined as an adult. Recreating history to confront the memories which created a stigma restores the individual positively. The indoctrinated school boy hoards fantasies about his sultry teacher whom he still has nubile musings about. His embarrassment keeps him from expressing his sentimental yearnings. She represents his attraction to the female form and her irresistible contours thus he relinquishes his obedience to her and endeavours to impress her. She disregards him so he tests her to obtain her attention by associating her scrutiny with affection. While she is preoccupied by her duty as a mentor his fixation escalates. The gestures that she is aloof to awaken his pubescent desires. Every movement she makes taunts his shrouded compulsion to be her “private “pupil. Fantasy penetrates his perception and he would do anything to earn her affinity, even her punishment.

Domina Equinox as Miss Chastity and Schoolboy Anthony
Corporal Discipline to avoid expulsion
Miss Chastity and Anthony were caught barley dressed with an open bottle of whisky and cigarettes which is a serious display of misconduct especially as they are head boy and head girl appointed to set an example to other students. Mr. Sting instructed Miss Chastity and Anthony to accompany him in his office. Mr. Sting informed both Miss Chastity and Anthony of the serious nature of the offence but instead of immediate expulsion prescribed severe corporal discipline to prevent a school scandal. Mr. Sting is well known for his corporal discipline tactics to subdue even the most impossible delinquents. He is feared and respected for his precision and intentional use of his favourite instrument named “The Stingray”. His cane hisses through the air as he prepares the assault with calculated force and precision. Mr. Sting is skilled in the art or correction and demonstrates a very intimidating nature. His favourite golf glove gives him the ultimate grip as he puts force behind every swing for the desired effect. Mr. Sting’s every infliction is counted out and he prefers to finish off by saving the best for last. Anthony positioned himself in the most uncomfortable stance. Hands on the floor, back arched, butt up in the air on the caning bench with ropes burning into his knees. Miss Chastity was to witness the inflictions as forthcoming attractions. Anthony was sentenced to the unlucky number 13.To Anthony’s despair Miss Chastity made comments about the glove to make him very nervous. She stopped grinning as she saw what he was enduring. Her inflictions were going to be worse as she instigated the whole affair with Anthony. As Miss Chastity positioned herself on the larger caning bench Mr. Sting informed her that the amount of inflictions will be unknown to her adding to her anxiety. She was rather playful at first, flirting and joking around. As a last futile attempt she tried to negotiate her way out of punishment. With every infliction she became rather silent as her sexy bottom started glowing all shades of red and blue. At first Miss Chastity received 13 same as Anthony, but as she defiantly mentioned that she will be back for more: another 6 of the best were prescribed to her horror. After the final 6 she was contrite wishing it would end. Just as she thought it was all over a last infliction was given to her surprise.

Regression of the eternal boy by Miss Equinox €“ Headmistress
Inquisitive pre-puberty boys have very impressionable imaginations. This is a profound time for a high school boy.  Anthony is discovering the rite of adolescence and the awareness of sensations in the presence of his teacher. The scent of Abigail’s panties is distracting him and spurring his vivid imagination. He becomes the culprit when Miss Equinox notices that he is not paying attention.

Anthony is tied to a daydream about Abigail, his succulent young and seductive high school sweetheart. Just this morning, 5 minutes before the bell had rung for class, they were kissing and fornicating behind the school hall. Abigail had beguilingly put Anthony's hand under her school dress, slipped off her moist panties and stuck them into his blazer pocket, whispering a promise of things to come ... a rendezvous tonight at Abigail's house while her Governess was attending a staff meeting. Vigilant Miss Equinox could see the guilt in Anthony's face as she strutted towards him. What was distracting him so? Miss Equinox was tenacious to reveal what Anthony was concealing. His face turned a glowing red when Miss Equinox instructed him to open his desk. Miss Equinox exposed his clandestine seducer and both culprits were sentenced to a special after school detention for correction.

Letter to Abigail's Governess,
My dearest Governess,
As requested, a detailed recording of Abigail’s misdemeanours since her last correction is hereby attached in my offence book. The truth Governess is that Abigail has reacted most unsatisfactory to my recent reprimand & chastisement. Although I have always been strict, yet firm and calm in my technique, Abigail’s levels of detachment and disobedience have escalated since your last appointment with her tender buttocks. She is yet again in dire need of your correction and my keen assistance to you in doing so. I anticipate with pleasure the vision of your administrations which are so pleasing to witness. I have prepared a few suggestions which in my learned opinion shall set the tone for the remedies to follow!

An English lesson in the schoolroom is necessary. Please be sure to instruct Abigail to spell the words: R-E-S-P-E-C-T,  C-O-U-R-T-E-S-Y  &  R-E-F-I-N-E-M-E-N-T and provide individual meanings. I suggest a test examining her progress and a hand spanking for each mistake. Confinement for 2 hours to reflect on the looming punishment ahead of her! She is to report to the sitting room for Governess to secure her restraints, reprimand her and pass sentencing. Then she is to be sent to the flagellation room to anticipate: paddling, strapping, hairbrush spanking and further hand spanking. Thereafter dismiss her to await final punishment in the sitting room. Governess is to please accept Carte' Blanche' and command whichever duties she sees fit to effectively cure Abigail of her recent behaviour.

Governess, I trust that my report shall be of assistance in the crucial task ahead of you. You have my unwavering support in all you put into practice to redirect this young lady. I recommend the fitting of a chastity device to protect her from her reckless behaviour.
By order Miss Equinox
Headmistress of the Arch of Correction

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